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Training concept:

Based on the company's long-term development of talent cultivation, we focus on the cultivation of talents and overall quality, and carry out various types of training regularly or irregularly to meet the needs of the company through forms such as gangs, professional training, and in-house training. Talent demand; pay more attention to talent development, through the establishment of talent echelon team, the establishment of talent pool, combined with the employee's own career planning and long-term business development plan, in-depth training and development of employees to meet the company's future talent needs.

Training methods:

The company implements and continuously improves internal recruitment, skill promotion, internal promotion and other internal talent selection channels and development management methods, as well as through talented teams, talent pool building, etc., encourages employees to independently study post knowledge and skills, and actively participate in the company The organization of various training activities and talent selection activities, so that every pursuing employees in the company can be developed to achieve the company's development and personal development win-win situation. Career development guidelines are as follows:


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