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Birthday party Monthly

Author:CHANGZHOU KANGPURUI AUTOMOTIVE AIR-CONDITIONER CO.,LTD.    Date:2018-4-28 11:11:22    Views:1425

In order to enhance the company's team cohesion, enhance the sense of belonging among employees, promote the company's corporate culture, form a good company centripetal force and cohesion, promote employee awareness and exchange, so that each employee really feel the warmth of the company as a family, Kang Purui Every month, the company holds a birthday party for the employees who are on the birthday of the month.

At the birthday party, the company's top leaders will personally send blessings to the employees and make the employees deeply moved!

Most of the company's employees come from other towns and can't go back on their birthdays. However, it does not matter. The company remembers the birthdays of all of us. Today, the employee birthday party has become a routine event of the company. There is also a platform for communication between colleagues and colleagues. The company is also committed to building the KPRUI family culture, and strive to create more opportunities to give everyone the warmth and warmth of the KPRUI family!


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