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Automotive air conditioning system


The air conditioning system consists of a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, a drier, and a pipeline.

After starting the car air conditioning system, the compressor starts to work, compresses and drives the refrigerant to circulate in the sealed air conditioning system. The refrigerant absorbs the heat inside the evaporator through heat exchange and dissipates the heat through the condenser to the outside of the vehicle, thereby lowering the temperature inside the vehicle and keeping it in a comfortable environment.

Rotary vane compressor product introduction

The rotary vane compressor belongs to a slide-type structure and is a third-generation automotive air-conditioning compressor. It has features such as small size, high rotation speed, low energy consumption, and low noise. The main components include cylinder block, rotor shaft, blades, front bearing, rear bearing, front cover, housing and electromagnetic clutch. The rotary vane compressor works as follows:

The cylinder cavity is approximately elliptical. The rotor shaft divides the cylinder ellipse into two crescent-shaped spaces, and each crescent-shaped space is provided with suction holes and exhaust ports. Five aluminum blades are mounted on the rotor shaft, dividing the crescent-shaped space into five elementary volumes.

The blade rotates reciprocally along with the rotation of the rotor in the rotor shaft groove, and the R part rotates against the inner wall of the cylinder. The rotor shaft rotates one revolution, and two suction, compression, and exhaust processes are performed for each element volume. The entire compressor completes the inhalation, compression, and exhaust processes ten times.

Rotary vane explosion drawing


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